2D Data Matrix Brief Introduction

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Data Matrix Barcode Symbology Overview
Definition of Data Matrix
Data Matrix, a 2D bar code type, was developed by ID Matrix Company in 1989, aiming at encoding more information on a relatively smaller bar code label. There are two kinds of Data Matrix: ECC 200 and ECC000-140 (including ECC 000, ECC 050, ECC 080, ECC 100, and ECC 140).
Application of Data Matrix
  • Marking small items
  • Printing directly on entities
Barcode Specification of Data Matrix
  • ISO / IEC 16022 (2nd edition 2006-09-15)
  • AS9132 - Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) parts marking
  • Air Transportation Association's (ATA) Spec 2000
  • EIA 706/801- Electronics Industry Marking Standard
  • Automotive Industry Action Group (AIAG)
  • NASA-STD-6002
  • NASA-HDBK-6003
  • GS1 Data Matrix
  • Semiconductor Equipment and Materials International (SEMI)
  • X6721 - Korean standard
  • SAE AS9132 - Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) aerospace industry marking standard
Data Matrix Barcode Features Overview
  • It is made of dark cells and light cells which are binary 1 and binary 0 respectively, with independent orientation.
  • It can encode all ASCII characters (values 0-127) as well as extended ASCII characters (values 128-255).
  • It can encode as many as 2,335 characters alphanumeric data, 1,555 characters 8-bit byte data and 3,116 digits numeric data for largest symbol size in ECC 200.
  • ECC 200 adopts Reed-Solomon error correction and ECC 000-140 has 4 levels of convolutional error correction, along with the option to use only error detection.
  • Additional features: 1) Inherent reflectance reversal, 2) Optional extended channel interpretations only for ECC 200, 3) Optional rectangular symbols only for ECC 200, 4) Optional appended structures only for ECC 200.
  • Our product can add a tilde (~) to make Data Matrix barcode compatible to GS1 standard.
Data Matrix Barcode Structure Overview
  • In every Data Matrix symbology there are data regions containing an array of nominally square modules.
  • In larger ECC 200 there are alignment patterns separating data regions.
  • Surrounding the data regions and alignment patterns is a finder pattern.
  • On all four sides surrounding the finder pattern is a quiet zone boarder.
Data Matrix Barcode Dimension Overview
  • The symbol size, not including quiet zone, is 10 × 10 to 144 × 144, even values only, for ECC 200 and 9 × 9 to 49 × 49, odd values only, for ECC 000-140.
  • The width of a module (X dimension) was determined by the application, allowing for the scanning technology and the technology of producing the symbol.
  • The width of the finder pattern shall equal X.
  • The width of alignment pattern shall be 2X.
  • The smallest quiet zone shall equal X on all four sides.
Generating GS1-DataMatrix Barcodes
Data Matrix barcode may be easily created to be compatible to GS1 standards with Terrek barcode generators by appending “~ai+number”, or “(01)” at the beginning of the symbol. For example:
  • ~ai2: AI with 2 digits
  • ~ai3: AI with 3 digits
  • ~ai4: AI with 4 digits
  • ~ai5: AI with 5 digits
  • ~ai6: AI with 6 digits
  • ~ai7: AI with 7 digits