Code 128 Barcode Generator for ASP.NET

Generating & printing Code 128 barcodes in ASP.NET web applications with ASP.NET barcode component
Code 128 Barcode Generator for ASP.NET - Benefits
Easy to Use
Code 128 ASP.NET Control is easy to install and generate barcodes in ASP.NET applications. Three implementations are provided for developers to choose. Users may use drag-and-drop method without code involved, or use VB.NET and C# to generate sample barcodes. Without the involvement of Visual Studio, developers may also use IIS to display barcodes in web browsers.

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Supported .NET Technology
This ASP.NET Barcode SDK is strong-named DLL for ASP.NET 2.0, and greater. Managed code is 100% C# in .NET Framework 2.0, 3.0, 3.5, 4.0. It is easy to integrate this barcode control into web application in C#.NET, VB.NET, Managed C++ and Borland Delphi for .NET.
Barcode Settings Flexibility
With user-friendly interface API, users may feel free and easy to customize Code 128 properties. Barcode size may be adjusted by changing bar width, bar height, wide to narrow ratio, etc. Barcode rotation may be changed from 0 degree to 90, 180 or 270 degree. Barcode resolution can be altered to meet specific requirement.
High Quality Image
The generated Code 128 can be displayed as high quality gif, tiff, bmp, png or jpeg image to a specific image file. Or you may also save barcodes in the memory as graphic, bitmap, or stream objects.
Code 128 Barcode Generator for ASP.NET - Overview
Terrek.Barcode for ASP.NET is your compete barcode solution in .NET 2.0, or greater. This barcode library is a .NET component that is entirely written in C#.NET, and compatible with VB.NET, Managed C++, etc. It is easy to stream Code 128 image in ASP.NET web applications, and it also supports Code 128 generation in IIS without any .NET IDEs.
Code 128 Introduction
Code 128 is an excellent alphanumeric linear barcode symbology which has a very high density to encode all ASCII characters with a variable length. Each Code 128 barcode consists of a starting quiet zone, start character (often disabled), encoded data, checksum digit (calculated on Modulo 103), a stop character (often disabled) and an ending quiet zone.
ASP.NET Code 128 Barcode Creator Encodes:
  • Standard ASCII characters
  • Extended ASCII characters
Code 128 Barcode Component for ASP.NET - Code 128 Generation
Generate Code 128 Barcodes within ASP.NET Web Forms
  • Download, unzip and installed
  • Add "ASP.NET Control" to your Visual Studio "Toolbox"
  • Copy "aspcontrol.aspx" and "aspcontrol.aspx.cs" to the folder where your aspx pages are generating barcodes
  • Drag and drop "ASPControl" to your ASPX web forms
  • Change barcode type to Code 128, and adjust other parameters through "properties window"
  • Run the project.
Generate Code 128 Barcodes in Internet Information Services (IIS)
  • Download and unzip
  • Copy barcode folder and contents to IIS and create a new file directory called "barcode"
  • Restart IIS, navigate to http://YourDomain:Port/barcode/aspcontrol.aspx?DATA=terrek-barcode&TYPE=6
  • Add an image tag into the web page to create Code 128 barcode image in html or aspx pages. E.g. <img src= http://YourDomain:Port/barcode/aspcontrol.aspx?DATA=terrek-barcode&TYPE=6/"/>
Generate Code 128 in ASP.NET Class Using C# or Visual Basic.NET
  • Download and unzip
  • Add "Terrek.Barcode.ASPNET.dll" to your project folder
    (Do not copy the DLL to the bin directory, Visual Studio will do so automatically)
  • Add "Terrek.Barcode.ASPNET.dll" to Visual Studio reference
  • Copy "aspcontrol.aspx" and "aspcontrol.aspx.cs" to the folder where your aspx pages are generating barcodes
  • Write Visual Basic or C# code to create Code 128 in ASP.NET
You can generate Code 128 barcodes in ASP.NET applications by using C# class or VB.NET class. Here is the source code of Code 128 in C# and Code 128 in VB.NET: ASP.NET Code 128 in C#, ASP.NET Code 128 in VB.NET.