Linear EAN-128(GS1-128) Barcode Information

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EAN-128 Barcode Symbology Overview
Definition of EAN-128
EAN-128, alias UCC/EAN-128, GS1-128, UCC-128, GTIN-128, was a 1D barcode derived from Code 128. It’s developed to provide a global standard and format for exchanging data between companies.
Application of EAN-128
  • Trading
  • Shipping
Barcode Specification of EAN-128
  • GS1 General Specifications (Issue 2, May-2008)
EAN-128 Barcode Features Overview
  • It’s a continuous barcode type and bi-directionally decodable. Its length is variable, with a total width no more than 165 millimeters (6.5 inch), including the quiet zones.
  • EAN-128 can encode all ASCII characters exclusive of spaces and characters with ASCII values 128-255. It has 4 code selection characters, 3 start characters, 1 stop character and 4 non-data function characters (46 modules) which include a start character (11 modules), a Function Code 1 symbol character (11 modules), a symbol check character (11modules) and a stop character (13 modules).
  • It has 6 elements per symbol character, including 3 bars and 3 spaces. The width of each element is 1, 2, 3 or 4 modules. The total width of a symbol character is 11 modules, except the stop character, which has 7 elements containing 4 bars and 3 spaces, thus being 13 modules in width. The largest number of data characters in each symbol is 48.
  • The parity feature of EAN-128 that the total bar modules in any symbol character is always even while that of space modules is always odd enables its nature of self-checking. A symbol check character should be included in an EAN-128.
EAN-128 Barcode Structure Overview
A typical EAN-128 barcode includes (from left to right): a leading quiet zone, a start pattern (including a start character and a FNC1), data characters (including an application identifier and data fields), a symbol check character, a stop character and a trailing quiet zone.
EAN-128 Barcode Dimension Overview
The dimension of EAN-128 should conform to the following rules:
  • The minimum width of a module, written as X, is based on application specification and requirements. The X-dimension is ranging from 0.250 millimeter (0.00984 inch) to 1.016 millimeters (0.040 inch). It should be fixed throughout a given symbol.
  • The width of a quiet zone is at least 10X.
  • The total length of an EAN-128 language should not be more than 165 millimeters.
EAN-128 Check Digit Calculation Example
To encode an EAN-128 symbol, the checksum digit which will be included in the barcode should be calculated correctly by the software. The calculation is the same with that of Code 128 barcode. The Following are steps for calculating the check digit:
  • Each symbol character position is given a weighting. The start character is weighted 1, and then from the left, the data character following the start character is weighted 1. Next are 2, 3, 4…n, in which n refers to the number of symbol characters representing data, not including Start/Stop character and the check character itself.
  • Multiply the value of each symbol character by its weighting.
  • Sum the results of the second step.
  • Divide the sum by 103. The remainder is the checksum digit which is appended to the end of the symbol.