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Generate EAN 13 Barcodes in C#.NET with .NET Barcode Component
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EAN 13 Barcode Generator for C#.NET-Benefits
Quality Barcode Image Generator
Generate high quality EAN-13 barcode images in Winforms, supporting image resolution adjustment with the unit of dpi (dots per inch) as well as image format setting including Gif, Png, Tiff, Jpeg, and Bitmap
Strong Custom Server Control for C#.NET
EAN-13 Barcode .NET Library & DLL includes strong named and digitally signed assemblies that are entirely written in managed code, and integrates with Console Application and Windows Applications; You could also add EAN-13 Generator in C# Class Library
Supplement Symbol Support
Capable of adding 2 or 5 digits supplement symbol to the EAN-13 main symbol, for the possible need of encoding supplement information such as magazine &newspaper issue numbers and suggested retail price of books
Auto Checksum Digit
One mandatory checksum digit is required in each EAN-13 symbol. Nominally, the check digit is calculated according to the specified data and the existing formula. With EAN-13 C#.NET Generator, the check digit could be computed and calculated once the data characters were input
GS1 Compatible
EAN-13 C#.NET Generator SDK easily encode GTIN-13 which include the number system, the manufacturer code, the product code, and the check digit; the generated EAN-13 barcodes are 100% compatible with relevant GS1 barcode standards
Multiple Barcode Types Supported in C#.NET
EAN 13 Barcode Generator for C#.NET --- Overview
EAN-13 Visual C# .NET Barcode Library is a functional .NET barcode-generating component who creates and prints PDF-417 and another 40+ linear & 2D barcodes in Visual C# .NET projects. Free C#.NET sample code is available while advanced developers could generate EAN-13 using C#.NET source coding.
EAN 13 Introduction
EAN-13 is the longest version of International Article Numbering Association (EAN). This numeric linear barcode is fixed length, and it encodes 13 digits of numeric characters. It is used with consumer products internationally.
EAN-13 Valid Data
  • 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9
  • 13 digits including check digit
Creating EAN 13 Barcodes in C# .NET Class
Generate EAN-13 Barcodes in ASP.NET using C#
  • Download, save it in local drive, and unzip;
  • Add Terrek.Barcode.DotNET.dll to the C# Winform project reference;
  • Drag and drop a button to the form, and double-click the button;
  • In the Form1.cs, copy the following sample code to the project
Insert EAN-13 Barcodes in Windows Application using C#
  • Download Terrek ASP.NET barcode trial and unzip;
  • Add Terrek.Barcode.ASPNET.dll to your project. Do not copy the DLL to the bin directory, Visual Studio will do so automatically;
  • Open your Visual Studio in Web Forms and add Terrek.Barcode.ASPNET.dll to your reference in "Solution Explorer";
  • Go to "Barcode" folder in the trial package, copy files "barcode.aspx" and "barcode.aspx.cs", to the project where aspx barcodes are generated;
  • Right click on the aspx name in "Solution Expolrer" and select "View Code";
  • Copy the sample C# code in to the project and run the programm.
Free Sample C# Code of Generating EAN-13 Barcodes
using Terrek.Barcode;
BarcodeControl ean13 = new BarcodeControl();
ean13. Symbol = BarcodeSymbol.EAN13_AddOn2;
ean13.BarcodeData = "321654987321";
ean13.BarWidth = 2;
ean13.BarHeight =50;
ean13.DotsPerInch = 96;
ean13.BarcodeFormat = System.Drawing.Imaging.ImageFormat.Png;

Drawing & printing barcode to .NET Graphics, Stream & Bitmap objects
public Bitmap createBarcode ();
public byte[] createBarcodeToByteArray();
public void createBarcode (Graphics graphics);
public void createBarcode (string filename);
public void createBarcode (Stream fileStream);