UPC-E Barcode Generator for C#.NET

Generating, printing UPC-E barcodes in C#.NET programs with C#.NET barcode component

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NET WinForms UPC-E Barcode Generator -Benefits

Easy to Use Easy to install, drag and drop onto your C#.NET Windows Forms and C# ASP.NET web forms

Support Development Environment Create, print UPC-E barcodes in C# ASP.NET web applications, Microsoft Visual Studio, C# Crystal Reports document, C#.NET class & console applications

Support Programming Language 100% Support Visual C#, and provide C# source code

Rich Barcode properties Simple to change UPC-E size by adjusting X, Y dimension, margin, wide to narrow ratio

Simple to customize UPC-E barcode images with color, resolution and orientation

Easy to enable or disable UPC-E human-readable text and checksum digit

Support UPC-Especial settings Support supplement 2 or 5 digits to add on

GS1 Standard Support GS1 system standard to create UPC-E barcodes

UPC-E Barcode Generator for C#.NET --- Overview

Visual C# .NET UPC-E Barcode Creator is a one function of .NET barcode generating component, which is a powerful and reliable barcode generating control to create, print UPC-E and another 40+ linear & 2D barcodes in Visual C# .NET programs.

UPC-E Introduction

Symbology Encode data Barcode Length Checksum digit Barcode Sample Image

UPC-E 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 8 digits Modulo 10

Creating UPC-E Barcodes in C# .NET class

Creating UPC-E Barcodes in C# class

//UPC-E encoding set, including UPCE, UPCE_2, UPCE_5

upce.Type = BarcodeType.UPCE;

// UPC-E valid character set, including numeric data 0-9

upce.Data = "657893";

// UPC-E supplement data 2 or 5 digits

upce.SupData = "36";

// UPC-E supplement barcode bar height

upce.SupHeight = 0.8f;

// UPC-E inter-space between barcode and supplement barcode

upce.SupSpace = 15;

// UPC-E module width and height

upce.X = 1;

upce.Y =40;

// UPC-E margin size of left, right, top and bottom

upce.LeftMargin = 0;

upce.RightMargin = 0;

upce.TopMargin = 0;

upce.BottomMargin = 0;

// Show or hide UPC-E human-readable character

upce.ShowText = true;

// Customize UPC-E human-readable character with font, color and margin

upce.TextFont = new Font("Arial", 9f, FontStyle.Bold)

upce.TextColor = Color. Red;

upce.TextMargin = 6;

// Specify UPC-E barcode image

upce.Resolution = 72;

upce.Rotate = Rotate.Rotate0;

upce.Format = ImageFormat.Png;


Drawing & printing barcode to .NET Graphics, Stream & Bitmap objects

public void drawBarcode(Graphics graphics);

public void drawBarcode(string filename);

public Bitmap drawBarcode();

public void drawBarcode(Stream fileStream);