Create PDF-417 Using Barcode Generation Control/SDK for VB.NET

Add PDF-417 barcoding features into .NET application using VB.NET control
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PDF-417 .NET Barcode Control/DLL for VB - Benefits
Mature Barcode Control DLL
PDF-417 Barcode Library for VB.NET is a mature barcode control which is used to display barcode images on VB.NET applications. Free trial package with optional Visual Basic sample codes are provided.

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Support Project Types
PDF-417 could be easily integrated into .NET Framework 2.0, 3.0, 3.5 or later version with Barcode Generation SDK for VB.NET. Barcode generation capability could be easily integrated into Windows Forms, Class Library, Console Application and Windows Control Library applications.
Rich Barcode Properties
Reasonable customization of PDF-417 barcode images are acceptable by changing relating 50+ barcode property options such as size, color, image, margin etc. PDF-417 barcode control may automatically resize the generated barcode image when encounter improper manual setting.
Support PDF-417 Special Settings
.NET programmers are able to set data encoding mode, Error Correction Level and number of the rows for PDF-417 ranges from 3 to 90 with Barcode Control SDK in VB.NET. It also supports truncated PDF-417 and Macro PDF-417 barcode generation in VB.NET applications.
ISO Standard
Barcode Generator SDK Library creates PDF-417 is extremely accurate ISO compliant barcode symbology which was based on ISO / IEC 15438 (2nd edition 2006-06-01). Completely guideline is provided & special barcode know-how is not required.
Barcodes Supported by Barcode Generator DLL in VB.NET
Barcode Control for VB.NET Application - PDF-417 Overview
PDF-417 Barcode .NET Control is fully integrated barcode component which could be added on Toolbox of Visual Studio that you can drag and drop it on the Windows Forms. PDF-417 and another 40+ linear & 2D barcodes generation in VB.NET application are supported.
PDF-417 Introduction
PDF-417 is a stacked and high density 2D barcode images which could encode about 850 characters. PDF417 uses the Reed Solomon error correction method.
PDF-417 Encodable Characters
  • Standard ASCII characters
  • Extended ASCII characters
PDF-417 VB.NET Control/DLL - PDF-417 Generation
Generate PDF-417 Barcodes in Windows Application using VB.NET Class Library
  • Download, save it in local drive, and unzip;
  • Add Terrek.Barcode.DotNET.dll to the VB.NET Winform project reference;
  • Drag and drop a button to the form, and double-click the button;
  • In the Form1.cs, copy the following VB sample code to the project
Print PDF-417 Barcodes in ASP.NET Applications using VB.NET Class Library
  • Download Terrek ASP.NET barcode trial and unzip;
  • Add Terrek.Barcode.ASPNET.dll to your project. Do not copy the DLL to the bin directory, Visual Studio will do so automatically;
  • Open your Visual Studio in Web Forms with VB code and add Terrek.Barcode.ASPNET.dll to your reference in "Solution Explorer";
  • Go to "Barcode" folder in the trial package, copy files "barcode.aspx" and "barcode.aspx.cs", to the project where aspx barcodes are generated;
  • Right click on the aspx name in "Solution Expolrer" and select "View Code";
  • Copy the sample VB code in to the project and run the program.
Generate PDF-417 Barcodes Using VB.NET - Free VB Sample Code
Dim barcode As Terrek.Barcode.DotNET.DotNETControl = New Terrek.Barcode.DotNET.DotNETControl
'Set barcode type, encode data, resize and UOM properties
barcode.Symbol = Terrek.Barcode.BarcodeSymbol.PDF417
barcode.BarcodeData = "Terrekpdf417VB.NET"
barcode.ImageResize = True
barcode.MeasuringUnit = Terrek.Barcode.MeasuringUnit.PIXEL
'Special setting of PDF-417
barcode. PDF417Row = 5
barcode. PDF417Column = 4
barcode. PDF417Truncated = false
barcode. MacroPDF417 = false
barcode. MacroSegmentIndex = 0
barcode. MacroSegmentCount = 0
barcode. MacroFileIndex = 0
barcode. WidthVSHeight = 0.3333333f
' PDF-417 module width and height
barcode.BarWidth = 1
barcode.BarHeight = 40
' Specify PDF-417 barcode image
barcode.DotsPerInch = 96
barcode.Rotation = Terrek.Barcode.Rotation.Degree0
barcode.BarcodeFormat = System.Drawing.Imaging.ImageFormat.Png