ITF-14 Barcode Generator SDK for .NET WinForms

Free sample code with drag-and-drop method to implement ITF-14 barcode in .NET applications
ITF-14 .NET Barcode Generator Control DLL - Benefits
Easy-use Barcode SDK for .NET Apps
Easy to install and use this .NET barcode DLL for WinForms with multiple barcode symbols compiled together. Using C# or VB.NET class library or using drag-and-drop implementation to add ITF-14 barcode images in .NET apps.
Supported VS .NET Environment
Support .NET Development Environment creates, prints and makes ITF-14 barcodes in .NET Winforms applications, Microsoft Visual Studio, .NET Winforms Crystal Reports document, .NET Winforms class & console applications.
Supported Programming Languages
.NET barcode control & library SDK is completely written in C#.NET, and compatible with VB.NET, Managed C++, Borland Delphi for .NET and other programming language environments. Free C# or VB.NET coding with samples are provided.
Rich Barcode Properties Customization
.NET barcode library DLL for ITF-14 supports 50+ options to specify ITF-14 barcode size, image, and color. Free to show or hide human-readable character with customized font, color, and margin. See detail ITF-14 barcode settings FAQ in .NET WinForms.
ITF-14 Special Settings
Automatically add computing checksum digit for ITF-14 barcodes. Support ITF-14 special settings easy to create bearer bar for ITF-14 barcode and specify the proportion of wide bars and narrows bars in ITF-14 barcodes.
ITF-14 .NET Barcode Generator Library SDK - Overview
.NET Winforms ITF-14 barcode generator SDK is one function of .NET Winforms barcode component DLL, which is a professional and comprehensive barcode generating control for making ITF-14 and other 40+ linear & 2D barcodes in Microsoft .NET Winforms projects using C# or VB.NET with free samples, or drag and drop implementation.
ITF-14 Introduction
ITF-14 is a barcode symbology used in GS1 system of standards, mainly used in shipping industries. So, ITF-14 is also called UPC Shipping Container Symbol ITF-14, ITF14, Case Code, UPC Case Code, EAN/UCC-14, EAN-14, UCC-14, DUN-14, GTIN-14, UCC-12, EAN/UCC-13. The container symbols are used by manufacturers and distributors to take inventory or tally shipments quickly and accurately.
The ITF-14 symbol has the following structure:
  • 1 digit for Packaging indicator
  • 2 digits for UPC numbering system or EAN prefix
  • 5 digits for Manufacturer identification number
  • 5 digits for Item identification number
  • 1 digit for Checksum which is automatically calculated by .NET barcode generator SDK
ITF-14 .NET Barcode Generator Library SDK - Generation
Generate ITF-14 Barcode Using .NET Barcode Control in VS
  • Download Terrek Trial and unzip
  • Open Visual Studio and create a new project
  • Copy "Terrek.Barcode.DotNET.dll" to your WinForms project folder
    (Do not copy the dll to bin directory, Visual Studio will do so automatically)
  • Add "DotNETControl" to Visual Studio Toolbox
  • Drag "DotNETControl" onto your form. The default barcode is Code 39.
  • Right click on the barcode, and choose "Properties"
  • Change barcode type to ITF14, and adjust other properties if needed
  • Run the project
Encode ITF-14 Barcode Using VB.NET or C# Class Library
Developers are freely to integrate ITF-14 barcode images in .NET applications for Winforms by using C# or VB.NET class. Here is the sample free code of inserting ITF-14 in .NET: develop ITF-14 barcode using C#, embed ITF-14 barcode using VB.NET .
.NET WinForms Barcode Generator Library DLL Supported Barcode Types