PDF 417 Add-In for Microsoft Word

Combine PDF 417 generation function with Word documents, Mailings and Labels
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PDF 417 Add-In for Word - Features

Supported Microsoft Word Versions

Microsoft Office Word 2007 and 2010 are completely integrated into this PDF 417 Barcode Add-In for Word.

Freely Adjustable Settings

Rich and complete barcode setting properties are designed for PDF 417 Word Add-In, such as "Bar width (X)", "Bar height (Y)", "Image width", "Image height", "Left margin", "Right margin", "Rotate"to meet any possible requirement on PDF 417 generation in Word.
Besides these common parameters, "Data Mode"with Auto, Text, Byte and Numeric choices, "Error correction level"from 0 to 8, "Row count"and "Column count"can be set to adjust PDF 417 barcode respectively.

PDF 417 Position

PDF 417 barcode Position in Word can be changed by setting "Rotate"and "Bar Alignment". There are four choices in the pull-down list of "Rotate"which are 0, 90, 180, 270 degrees. And "Bar Alignment"can be set to put the barcode in the center, right or left side of the barcode image.

Truncated PDF 417

Truncated PDF417 may be used where space considerations are a primary concern and symbol damage is unlikely.

OS Compatibility

PDF 417 Add-In for Word is compatible with all commonly used operating systems like Windows 7, Windows Server 2008, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2003, and Windows XP.
Word PDF 417 Add-In - Overview
PDF 417 is a sacked linear barcode symbol format used in a variety of applications, primarily transport, identification cards, and inventory management. Based on the PDF 417 barcode type, this word barcode add-in can encode and store approximately 850 characters of information such as text, numbers, files and bytes of data to generate high quality PDF 417 barcode images in Word documents, mailings and labels.

Insert PDF 417 in a Fixed Position of Word Document

  1. To insert PDF 417 barcode in a fixed position of Word document is easy with a few mouse clicks on the "Barcode setting panel"at the right side of the word document after PDF 417 Add-In for Word is downloaded and installed.
  2. You just need to choose the "barcode type", "data", "Data mode", "Error correction level", "Row count", "Column count", and other necessary properties and then click "Generate"to finish all the steps.

Integrate Word PDF 417 Add-In with Mailings

  1. Word Barcode Add-In can be seamless integrated with Word Mailings to insert PDF 417 barcodes. Users may switch to "Select Recipients"under "Mailings"to "Use an Existing List"or "Type New List"for inserting the target PDF 417 barcode.
  2. Customize the Word Barcode Add-In for PDF 417 by setting "Barcode type", "data", "Row count", "Column count", "Error correction level", "Image width", etc.
  3. Click "Generate"to embed PDF 417 barcode on "Mailings".
  4. Click "Finish & Merge"in "Mailings"tab to finish all the steps.

Integrate PDF 417 with Labels

  1. To embed PDF 417 barcodes in "Labels", you may go to "Start Mail Merge"under "Mailings"to click "Labels"and set "Product number"with proper size at first.
  2. Then you switch to "Type New List"or "Use Existing List"under the "Select Recipients"pull-down list. A new page pops up at once. Switch to "Create Barcode"in the "Add-Ins"tab to activate Word Barcode Add-In for PDF 417.
  3. Set the "Barcode Settings"panel to adjust the related parameters, such as "barcode type", "data", "Bar Alignment", etc and click "Update Labels"under “Insert Merge Field"of "Mailings"to automatically put the first PDF 417 barcode label content into others.
  4. All steps will be finished once you click "Finish & Merge"in "Mailings"tab at last.

Update for Barcodes in Word

If some customization is required, you can set the properties that you need and click "Update"where "Generate"button was located before.