2D Barcode Generator for Microsoft Excel

Generate 2D barcodes for Microsoft Excel 2007 and 2010.
Excel Barcode Trial Package
Excel Barcode Trial Package
2D Barcode Generator for Microsoft Excel - Benefits
To Generate, Scream 2D barcodes in Microsoft Excel control

Valid Barcode Types

Easy to generate 2D barcodes like QR code, Data Matrix and PDF-417.

Compatible Operating System

The supported operating systems are Microsoft Windows 7, Microsoft Windows Server 2008, Microsoft Windows Vista, Microsoft Windows Server 2003 and Microsoft Windows XP.

Supported Microsoft Excel versions

Microsoft Excel 2007 and Microsoft Excel 2010 are both available for generating barcodes.

Supported to generate Multiple Barcodes

Microsoft Excel barcode control support 2D barcodes to be generated as multiple barcodes. Multiple barcodes can be used for encoding large quantities of data.

Link a cell with 2D barcode

The Microsoft Excel 2D barcode component is able to link cell-contents to barcodes, this is quite useful if you want to create dynamic barcodes whenever a cell is changed. You can fulfill this function by manual linking and automatic linking.

Generate 2D barcode lists

It is easy to generate barcode lists for Microsoft Excel, just type some data into a few cells, and open the panel, select a barcode type, set dimensions for barcodes, then select all the cells that you want to convert to barcodes, click create one barcode per cell; finally, click insert barcode. The barcodes lists are generated.
2D Barcodes - Supported by Microsoft Excel Barcode Generator

Data Matrix - Data Matrix Generator for Microsoft Excel

Data Matrix Overview:
Data Matrix is a kind of 2D barcode symbology, its originally name is Datacode invented by International Data Matrix in 1989. Data Matrix symbols are printed in square or rectangular patterns. The appearance of the Data Matrix is because people want store much more information on the barcode. Data Matrix is one of the barcodes that is smallest and specially used in small components such as circuit panel. Data Matrix is widely used in general logistic, aerospace mobile marketing for its high density.

Microsoft Excel Data Matrix Generator:
Data Matrix is easy to generate in Microsoft Excel. Download the dll in our website, unzip it and install it in Microsoft Excel. After installation, the barcode add-ins is in menu. The flexible barcode size support allows adjusting various barcode size properties.

PDF-417 - PDF-417 Generator for Microsoft Excel

PDF-417 overview:
PDF417 is invented by Chinese person Wang Yan Jun in 1992 in the company of Symbol Technologies, Inc. PDF is short for portable data file. 417 stands for that each character is composed of 4 bars and 4 spaces, and the character is always 17 modules long, that why PDF417 comes from. PDF-417 is mainly used to print postage by USPS and in airline industries.

Microsoft Excel PDF-417 Generator:
To imbed PDF-417 in Microsoft Excel, no programming skills and barcode specifications knowledge base needed. PDF-417 is straightforward created in Excel spreadsheets with Excel barcode add-ins. Barcode fonts are not required in the generating of PDF-417.

QR code - QR code Generator for Microsoft Excel

QR code Overview:
The QR code is one of the square shape barcode that is widely used in Japan, for the QR barcode is invented in Japan by Denso Company in 1994. QR (quick response) barcode has the advantage of the other 2D barcode of large capability, high reliability, but it can also stands for handwriting, graphic and other text information. QR code is also frequently used in United Kingdom and the United States.

Microsoft Excel QR code Generator:
QR code is easily encoded in Microsoft Excel, the generated QR code can be saved as image, such as tiff, gif, jpeg, bmp, png. The rotation of QR code can be 0, 90, 180, 270 degree. You can print the barcode in high resolution and low resolution. Barcode size, width and height are all can be adjusted to your needs.