How to Create ITF-14 Barcode Image Using C#.NET Class

Generate, print, and implement ITF-14 linear barcode images into C #.NET projects with free C #samples and source
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C#.NET Barcode Generator Library DLL/SDK - Benefits
Easy-to-use .NET DLL Control Library
Easy to install C#.NET barcode component DLL to Visual Studio in ASP.NET class and in Windows applications, and easy to drag and drop onto your C#.NET Windows Forms and C# ASP.NET web forms with free samples and tutorials. Visual Studio 2005, 2008 and 2010 are supported.
Support Development Environment
Create, print and encode ITF-14 barcodes in C# ASP.NET web applications, Microsoft Visual Studio, C# Crystal Reports document, C#.NET class & console applications, and C# RDLC local report with runtime support.
Programming Language Support
Barcode generator library DLL for C#.NET is completely managed code written in C# with available C# source code, and is able to be used in any language environment such as Visual Basic.NET, Managed C++ and Borland Delphi for .NET.
High Quality ITF-14 Barcode Images in C#
Using C# code to integrate and display high quality ITF-14 barcode images for C# with sample code provided freely. The inserted ITF-14 barcode images are displayed as high quality Gif, Tiff, Bmp, Png or Jpeg formats. Users may also save barcode images in the memory as Graphic, Bitmap or .NET Stream objects.
Rich ITF-14 Barcode Settings Using C# Coding
Overall ITF-14 barcode settings are included in C#.NET barcode control library DLL, and complete free C# code of adjusting ITF-14 barcode are provided with samples. ITF-14 barcode size, color, image as well as special settings are easy to be adjusted with C# barcode DLL. See detail ITF-14 barcode setting FAQ with C# coding.
ITF-14 Barcode Generator Control DLL/SDK Using C#.NET - Overview
ITF-14 Barcode Control DLL/SDK in C#.NET applications provides developers fast and easy way to generate ITF-14 and other linear & 2D barcode images in C#.NET applications using C# coding with free samples and source code. Both ASP.NET Web projects and Windows Applications are supported to insert high quality barcode as image with flexibility.
ITF-14 Introduction
ITF-14 is a 14-digit long barcode symbology used to create the shipping container symbol and mark cartons and palettes that are including goods with an EAN/UPC code. ITF-14 is often surrounded by bearer bar to enhance the readability and equalize the pressure exerted by the printing plate.
ITF-14 Barcode Generator SDK using C#.NET encodes:
  • 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9
ITF-14 Barcode Generator Control DLL/SDK Using C#.NET - Barcode Generation
Implement ITF-14 Barcodes in Windows Application using C#
  • Download, save it in local drive, and unzip;
  • Add Terrek.Barcode.DotNET.dll to the C# Winform project reference;
  • Drag and drop a button to the form, and double-click the button;
  • In the Form1.cs, copy C# sample code to the project.
Generate ITF-14 Barcodes in ASP.NET Webforms using C#
  • Download Terrek ASP.NET barcode trial and unzip;
  • Add Terrek.Barcode.ASPNET.dll to your project. Do not copy the DLL to the bin directory, Visual Studio will do so automatically;
  • Open your Visual Studio in Web Forms and add Terrek.Barcode.ASPNET.dll to your reference in "Solution Explorer";
  • Go to "Barcode" folder in the trial package, copy files "barcode.aspx" and "barcode.aspx.cs", to the project where aspx barcodes are generated;
  • Right click on the aspx name in "Solution Expolrer" and select "View Code";
  • Copy the sample C# code in to the project and run the program.
Free Sample Code to Insert ITF-14 Barcode Images into C#.NET Applications
   using Terrek.Barcode;
BarcodeControl barcode = new BarcodeControl();
//Set barcode type, encode data, resize and UOM properties
barcode. Symbol = BarcodeSymbol.ITF14;
barcode.BarcodeData = "1234567891234";
barcode.ImageResize = true;
barcode.MeasuringUnit = MeasuringUnit.PIXEL;
//ITF-14 bearer bar generation
barcode.BearerBarLnR = 1;
barcode.BearerBarTnB = 1;
//ITF-14 proportion of wide bar and narrow bar, ranging from 2.0 to 3.0
barcode. WideVSNarrow = 2.0f;
//Define how the bars are placed in a barcode image
barcode.BarAlign = BarAlign.Center;
// ITF-14 module width and height
barcode.BarWidth = 1;
barcode.BarHeight =40;
// ITF-14 entire image width and height
barcode.ImageWidth = 0;
barcode.ImageHeight = 0;
// ITF-14 margin size of left, right, top and bottom
barcode. MarginL = 2;
barcode. MarginR = 2;
barcode. MarginT = 2;
barcode. MarginB = 2;
// Show or hide ITF-14 human-readable character
barcode.DisplayData = true;
// Customize ITF-14 human-readable character with font, color and margin
barcode.TextStyle = new Font("Arial", 9f, FontStyle.Regular);
barcode.TextColor = Color.Black;
barcode.TextSpace = 6;
// Specify ITF-14 barcode image
barcode.DotsPerInch = 96;
barcode.Rotation = Rotation.Degree0;
barcode.BarcodeFormat = System.Drawing.Imaging.ImageFormat.Png;
// Specify ITF-14 barcode image color
barcode. ImageColor = Color.White;
barcode. BarColor = Color.Black;
Draw, Stream and Paint ITF-14 Barcode Images in Graphic, Image file, Bitmap, or Stream
   // create, draw, paint ITF-14 on Graphics object 
public void drawBarcode(Graphics graphics);
//create and draw ITF-14 to image file
public void drawBarcode(string filename);
// generate ITF-14 and paint on Bitmap object
public Bitmap drawBarcode();
// create, draw, paint ITF-14 on Stream object
public void drawBarcode(Stream fileStream);
Barcode Generator Library SDK Using C#.NET Supported Barcode Symbologies